LA Fitness Yoga (LaCienega)

Class today we will focus on balance flexibility and core power that come with that looking forward.

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8 thoughts on “LA Fitness Yoga (LaCienega)

  1. Happy Tuesday!
    You mentioned in class last week that you were thinking of starting an outdoor yoga class. Well, as much as I love being outside, not really feeling practicing outside (bugs like me way too much). But, if you ever pick up another class in or outside LA Fitness (indoor) I’m in.

    BTW – is there any chance we can try this weeks class with the lights down? Off may not be an option, but less light would definitely add to the calm of the class.


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  2. Hi there khris. Thanks again for your input. Like Johnny 5 the robot in short curcuit would say”Need more input”. Yup i went there. i would like to forward u a questionare if thats okay with u. Please follow up with me at your earliest convenience to the following email:

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  3. Sorry for the piece reply. This phone is acting up a bit. Namaste. Great to have u in class thank u for your great energy and your healing vibes today i needed it.


  4. Namaste.
    I hope you are doing well. I continue to enjoy my practice and hope to add Fridays starting this week. Enjoy the rest of your week. PS. I continue to love the mellow vibe of Wednesdays class…as always you are appreciated.

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