Just had one of the Greatest days of my Life!

Humbling serving an all inclusive donation based yoga class from 4pm to 5.30 pm today! Yogalutionmovement.com at 3141 E. Broadway ave Long Beach Ca 90803 What a great way to sell someone you love them and that you love yourself and maybe stick around a bit longer dance for a bit as we may want awaken . Jasmine will be lit to set the intentions as we gently begin with the breathe and see where it leads us as we free up the mind and open the chakras leading with our heart. Focusing on love of self so that we can have an abundance to give to those around us. Be the change you seek. The Divine within me bows before the divine in you. namastejan 30 2014 195images (12)downloadjan 30 2014 1926424Krsna-Balarama1024x403imagesimages (12)1411946670733


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